Show off Your Facebook Page Like Count

Last week a client came to us with a request to feature the number of Facebook fans prominently on their site. We whipped up a simple WordPress plugin that pulls in the like count of a Facebook page…it can be added to a post or page via shortcode or directly into your theme using a template tag. Additionally, you can set it to update automatically every hour, twice daily, or once a day.

Display Facebook like count in WordPress

The Facebook Page Like Count plugin is available for download here.

Comments (3)

  1. Pranjal says:

    Great was looking for such plugin, but does it fetches for only particular page or as many as we want?

  2. Ron says:

    Right now it’s only setup to fetch from a single page. I can work on adding the page URL as an option to the the shortcode/tags.

  3. Celsius says:

    Great little plugin, but Is there any easy way to add that short code in the sidebar, when it put that in sidebar widget its not working…Thanks in advance.

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