WordPress Custom Menu Limit Fix

I recently ran into an issue where custom WordPress menus were not being saved after reaching a specific number of menu items. In my particular case, 95 items was the magic number…anything added beyond that was not being saved.


How to specify a Facebook thumbnail when sharing a post

Need: The ability to control the thumbnail to be used when sharing a post with Facebook. The Catch: I was trying to share a post with Facebook that had no thumbnail attached to it.…

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Publish2 JSON Feed Without A Plugin

Need: A way to display the JSON data provided by Publish2 on a WordPress blog. The Catch: I wanted to have multiple instances of the feed from different JSON data feeds on the post. Furthermore, each required unique items from its respective JSON feed and I wanted to style each instance differently.…


GoDaddy and Increasing Your WordPress Max Upload Size

So I’ve never been crazy about GoDaddy’s hosting service, for a number of different reasons, but today I had an awesome experience with their customer service. A client of mine has a shared hosting account and they wanted to increase the Maximum File Upload size allowed in WordPress. He called GoDaddy and their support provided him with a link which directed him to modify the PHP.INI file through SSH.…

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WordPress Calendar Plugin: Display Posts By Date & Category

In my ongoing effort of not re-inventing the wheel, I spent hours upon hours looking through ALL of the available WordPress calendar plugins for a project that I had been working on. My Needs:AJAX (required asynchronous navigation between months) Query posts by category (would be nice if I could select the category) Associate posts with their dates.…


Displaying YouTube Thumbails in Your WordPress Posts

Since I already wrote the snippet of code to get the thumbnails from the embedded Vimeo video, I thought I might as well do the same for YouTube. It will search through your posts’ content for YouTube embed code and will generate a thumbnail for you. It’s not fancy but it gets the job done.…


Displaying Vimeo Thumbnails In Your Blog Post or Archive

With WordPress 2.9, you can now embed videos by simply pasting the URL into your blog post and have it create the embed code. I was using Vimeo and wanted to pull the thumbnail associated with the Vimeo video which was embedded in my posts.…

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Favorite Internet Explorer 6 PNG Fix

Rarely will you find the words “Favorite” and Internet Explorer 6 in the same sentence…it has been the bane of my existence ever since I began in Web Development. If I had my way I would make it illegal to even run a copy of IE6…not a far stretch considering all the pain and suffering developers have had to endure over the years.…