Disqus Popular Threads Widget for WordPress

Looking for a way to display your most commented Disqus posts on your WordPress site? We just released a WordPress plugin that will allow you to do just that. The plugin integrates with the Disqus API and pulls in your most popular threads (most commented posts). It can be added to your site via widget, template tag, or shortcode.

You can download the Disqus Popular Threads Widget here.

Before you get started, you’ll need to get a Disqus API Key. Here are the instructions:

Visit the Disqus API Page

Click on Applications tab at the top.

Disqus Applications Page

Click on the get started link to register your application.

Enter your Application Name, Description, Website Name and click Register. Now that the application is registered, let’s go get that Public Key.

Get Your Disqus Public API Key

Go back to the Applications tab and click on the “configure a trusted domain” link under Public Key.

From the settings tab, scroll down to “Settings” and enter your domain name. Click “Save Changes” at the bottom of the screen when done.

Add Your Domain Name

Note, your domain needs to be listed here in order for the plugin to work on your site.

When you go back to the Applications tab you should now see your Public Key listed.


  1. Arita Putnam

    Hi – Just installed this and the widget appears in the side bar, the posts are listed correctly, but they are not linked to anything. Clicking on any post or comment gets an error.

    Did I need to provision a postback URL? Not sure what that is , but I saw it on the DISQUS page.

    Appreciate any help on this.



  2. Arita Putnam

    OK – it seems to be stuffing the domain name ‘’ before the URL

    Not sure why…

  3. Ron

    I fixed the issue and updated the plugin. Thanks for letting me know.

    • Arita Putnam

      Hi – The new version has a different issue; the comment count is incorrect. Specifically, the widget is not displaying the post with the most comments at all, and the number of comments on most of the other posts is incorrect (lower than actual) I have tried varying the number of days and comments and nothing seems to affect the display. Appreciate your taking a look. Thanks, aP

  4. Ron

    I fixed the issue with the comment count and uploaded the latest files.

  5. Ross

    Good morning!

    Is it at all possible to use this code in any way in a non-widget format? I’d like to include the most popular posts either on a page or in the blog index page (e.g. as the third post).

    And if possible play with the display formatting.

    Any thoughts?


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