St. James’ Episcopal School


St. James’ Episcopal School of Los Angeles (SJSLA) provided us with finalized website designs and our team at Presshive brought their vision to life along with the integration of a payment processing system for new online based enrollment applications.

Giving the students, parents and faculty a platform through which they receive the latest school news & events was a major point of interest.  By keeping everyone well informed through their website, our client saw immediate results socially throughout the school, as well as through parental involvement on scholastic matters.

Streamlining event enrollment and registration for admissions, to a new online based form system was proposed to the client and was a highly desired move from their previous paper and over the phone based system.  By keeping all form based database information at a centralized location, via WordPress’ Content Management System, the faculty was able to quickly process and respond to interested parents more efficiently, saving the faculty costly time and impressing potential applicants.

An online payment system was another request from SJSLA for their online RSVP enrollment form.  Presshive developed a custom plugin which integrated WordPress with PayPal Payments Pro API.  This allowed funds to be instantly available to the school’s finance department, with all form data and payment info at the fingertips of the staff for review and archiving.

WordPress Features:

  • Event enrollment w/ payment processing
  • Admissions registration form
  • News + Events Scheduler
  • Dynamic Menus
  • Search