This Land Press is a multimedia publication (text, video, audio) that PressHive helped code and develop. The site has four distinct portals: Magazine, TV, Radio, and Events, each with a plethora of content. PressHive created a user-friendly system to help them manage their 200+ contributors and the volumes of information they were publishing.

Site features include:

  • Archive with custom sorting by date or alphabetical.
  • Alphabetical listing of all site contributors. Ability to browse for users by their last names or search.
  • Listing of all locations that distribute This Land Press. Users can view all location, browse by alphabet, or search by zip code. Locations are managed from WordPress with the ability to import/export via CSV.
  • Robust WordPress-based online store with a heavily customized checkout experience.
  • Custom site search that guesses search terms based on frequently searched words. Integrates the Google Custom Search API & Analytics.