Our task was to create, promote, and manage a robust website that would meet the demands of potential sponsors, consumers, race directors, and professional athletes all over the world. The scope of work included numerous pages of information containing an enormous volume of fresh content including; videos, tutorials, FAQ, blogs, photography, and a showcasing a real-time tracking feature that ties directly into Google Maps so that on-line spectators are able to follow Pro-Triathletes in real-time.

Additionally, we organized and promoted a Trakkers Racing Team BLOG that includes well known Professional Triathletes to participate in Triathlons, Marathons, and Adventure races all over the world. This turned out to be an immense marketing tool for Trakkers and REV3, as people from all over the globe were able to log into the website to follow their athlete of choice online in real time. We also designed a registration database so that people could create accounts within the website to get updates and notification on which Professional Triathlete would be wearing a Trakkers device and at which race and time that pro would be attending. This was another successful tool within the website as this function created a vast following online and showcased on a map of the world with custom geotagged location callouts for each athlete. Once you click on a athlete on the map, we showcased a custom athlete page – all delivered through a custom plugin-in with WordPress.

In addition to featuring athletes, Trakkers also showcased upcoming events through a similar geotagging system that utilized the Google Maps API. More detailed event information was generated by WordPress with custom fields such as logo, website url, event description, and attending athletes. This Athete/Event relationship was linked within WordPress by a custom plugin designed by Presshive.

Another custom plugin was a visual indicator for dates that contained post by using a color indicator and gradually increasing the intensity as more posts were contained on that date. When a user click on the date, additional information such as blog post count were also included.

Trakkers was a excellent website platform for showcasing custom plugin capabilities of WordPress’s Content Management System. Truly allowing any client concept for a website to work with an open source platform such as WordPress with a custom graphical designer theme with functionality to external sites and databases, seamlessly.